Act of Valor

How cool did the trailers for Act of Valor make the film look? I knew I would see it as soon as it came out. I mean, let’s be honest, any guy who has played the Call of Duty games will be checking this one out.

What Acting?

Act of Valor was one of the cooler trailers I have seen in a while. It especially stands out due to the unique concept. I can’t think of another film that uses non-actors to drive the entire thing. Although this could have been a risky move, this is absolutely the type of film where it works. This is not saying that the acting was impressive, by any means, but it really didn’t have to be.

Anyone could have guessed that the action would be the best part of Act of Valor. In fact, the action is so intense that you can forget about the mediocre acting fairly easily. I really only found myself cringing at the poor acting in one instance.

Real Life Video Game

I know I can’t be the only one who instantly compared Act of Valor to the aforementioned Call of Duty. If any of the Call of Duty games somehow magically turned into real-life, they’d be Act of Valor. The battle scenes were so freakin’ cool. They were intense, tactical and breathtaking.

I especially loved how the scenes played out. In particular, the use of the first-person camera. Talk about Call of Duty-esque. One second you’re looking down the scope of a sniper rifle and the next you’re planting explosives on a door to blow it open. This truly felt like the most authentic “war” experience a viewer could get, outside of actually living it, of course.

The Bottom Line

For all of you dudes out there, this is a no brainer. Go see Act of Valor. In fact, bring your girl with you too. Remember that time she made you sit through The Vow or Twilight? Well, it is time for some payback. I won’t lie to you, the acting is questionable at best, but that’s all we can really ask for, isn’t it? These guys aren’t actors, they’re professional badasses, so they get a little slack. Act of Valor is an excellent action film that ends up being a more unique experience than you’re used to. This one is well worth the money.


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