Conan the Barbarian

Everyone remembers the old Conan the Barbarian. There is only one type of actor that can play this role. He has to be jacked and fearless. Lionsgate did what they had to, and took the only man ready for the job – Jason Momoa.

Born From Battle…

There is no doubt in my mind that there was no better choice than Momoa to play Conan. Honestly, who else but Khal Drogo could pull off such a badass role? Even though Momoa played the role better than anyone else that comes to mind, it does not mean that he played it well. The acting in this film is exactly what you would expect: poor. The dialogue was loaded with cheesy one-liners that had me snickering under my breath through the whole thing. I believe that there were more grunts than there were actual words.

Not only was the acting questionable at best, the story was flat out confusing. The underlying plot of Conan’s revenge was very easy to follow, but everything else that happened left me back-tracking. There are multiple occasions where a scene will end and Conan will end up in a totally different location without explanation. This left a lot to be desired.

The Bottom Line

Skip this one, folks. The fighting scenes are cool, but not nearly enough to make this worth your time and money. The film uses its abundance of blood and sex to try to keep you interested, but it just doesn’t work. Conan says it best himself, ” I live, I love, I make terrible movies.”


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