Okay, I’ve got to be completely up-front and honest about this one. I may or may not happen to have a bit of a man-crush onĀ Ryan Gosling. I mean come on, the dude is good looking, charming, and after watching Drive, a total and complete freakin’ badass.

Gosling Brings the Pain

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Drive brings out a side of Gosling that I don’t think anyone knew he had in him. He goes from the pretty-boy, love interest in what seems like every movie he’s ever done to “The Driver.” There could not be a more drastic transformation than this role for Gosling. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still got a love interest in Drive, played by Carey Mulligan, but this role was so much more than his usual parts.

Even without considering Gosling’s ass kicking, the film is quite interesting and well written. I found the experience to be very unique. Watching Drive didn’t feel like any other movie I’ve seen before. I don’t know if it was the 80’s-esque styling and music, or the fact that I felt like I was watching a real-life version of a Grand Theft Auto video game, but I loved it.

As with all films, I’ve got to be a bit critical. The one complaint I have about Drive was that it felt a bit “bogged down” at times. I understand it’s purpose, but the love story within Drive felt unnecessary at times. I found myself wishing that they would get the mushy stuff over with and get back to the action.

The Bottom Line

Do not miss Drive. This one is a must see. Ryan Gosling completely steps outside of his comfort zone in this film, and let me tell you, he absolutely nails it. I am becoming a bigger fan of this guy by the minute. One brief word of warning though. The trailers for this film do not quite do it justice. Make no mistake, it’s a great film, but it is extremely violent and grotesque. This could potentially be a turn off for some, but that just made it all that more awesome for me.



  1. Maria

    Got it! Looking forward to it

  2. Another great review! Will definitely take some time out to go see this one.

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