There is always a thin line with movies about terminal illnesses. Due to this, a film like 50/50 has to walk on eggshells. Making too light of the situation or not taking it serious enough can doom a film like this. Not only does 50/50 walk this line, it downright charges down it.

Would You Have What It Takes?

As you may have picked up on some of my other reviews, I am always big on the cast. I really think that the cast is what makes the film. Even though I did love the plot of 50/50, the cast is what drove it home for me. Specifically, the duo of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. They play the roles of best-friends Adam (Gordon-Levitt) and Kyle (Rogen).

What I loved most about Adam and Kyle’s relationship was how down to earth and real it was. Whether it was Adam’s self-loathing or Kyle’s “let’s get drunk and have sex” attitude, it simply felt genuine. If I were ever in a similar situation, I can imagine my friends reacting the same way.

Nestled perfectly within this light-hearted comedy was the drama that comes along with fighting a disease like cancer. Although I would call 50/50 a comedy, it also takes its time to make sure the severity of the disease gets its moments. There are a few occasions, that I won’t spoil here, that tug at your heartstrings. You end up really feelings for the characters and the difficult things that they are experiencing as a result of the cancer.

The Bottom Line

Plain and simple, I loved 50/50. The film mixes the perfect cocktail of emotions. It’s certainly not too heavy and it’s just the right amount of light. Gordon-Levitt and Rogen kill it together. They’re funny, sweet, and harsh when necessary. 50/50 is one of the better films that I have reviewed since I started this site. Do yourself a favor and go check it out!


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