Moneyball does all of us guys a huge favor. This favor may not be obvious to some, but to me its crystal clear. It gives us Brad Pitt. Pitt as A’s GM Billy Beane does nothing, if not make it a breeze to get our female counterparts to the theatre with us.

Believe in Beane

Moneyball had me believing in Pitt as Billy Beane from the very beginning. I personally think he did a fantastic job with the role. Naturally, we fans don’t get to see a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that happens with professional sports teams, but if I had to guess, I can imagine it is a lot like what we see with Moneyball.

Sony Pictures built a pretty significant cast for this film. Alongside Pitt, we have Jonah Hill as Peter Brand and Philip Seymour Hoffman as Manager Art Howe. I found the interaction between these three characters to be quite satisfying. Pitt and Hill make an excellent team, and you will definitely find yourself cheering from them to succeed throughout the flick.

One of the major aspects of Moneyball that I enjoyed was its authenticity. Bennett Miller does not overlook any of the details. Everything is point on, from the games that are played to the players. Not only are all of the players on the A’s legitimate, they even look like the real guys. As a fan of the game, I really appreciate the steps that were taken to make this movie as real as possible.

Now, time for a little critiquing. The only real problem that I have with Moneyball was its speed. The film weighs in at just over the 2 hour mark. This was a little too long for me. It could have been condensed down a bit to help the story move along.

The Bottom Line

Moneyball is a winner. Even though the film is based on a true story and we know the end result, it still has its moments where you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens. The fact that Pitt is the lead role certainly doesn’t hurt when trying to convince your girlfriend/wife to come along for the ride.  Although it drags a bit at times, Moneyball (enter cheesy home run line here)!


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