Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Among a list of great movies released this weekend lies Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. This release has me reminiscent of Christmas Day, two year ago, when we originally met the duo of Robert Downey Jr. (Holmes) and Jude Law (Watson). 

A Return To What We Loved

I found the second installment of the Sherlock Holmes series to have a lot of similarities to the first. I personally enjoyed this aspect of it. I was entertained by the original, so why try to change the formula?

The most important facet of A Game of Shadows is the return of Downey Jr. and Law. These two made the first film what it was, so it’s good to see them back together.

This is especially true for Downey Jr. I simply can’t imagine another actor portraying Sherlock Holmes. I’ve said this in other reviews about certain actors, but Downey Jr. is¬†Sherlock Holmes. The character and the actor have become completely synonymous.

Can You Follow?

This may not be a problem that everyone runs into, but I found myself becoming a bit confused as the movie progressed. I understand that the film is meant to twist and turn, but I felt as though this almost bogged it down. The film tries to become such an intricate maze of clues and plot twists that it can be a little overwhelming.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a film that makes you think and forces the audience to be engaged throughout. But at the same time, it has to be done well. If it is not, you wind up with a film like A Game of Shadows. It’s fun to watch, but hard to follow.

The Bottom Line

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a film that does not lack entertainment. A Game of Shadows has it’s fair share of humor, action, and intrigue.

Although it is highly entertaining, the flick is far from perfect.

A great deal of plot twists and turns leads to some confusion. Even though A Game of Shadows drops the ball in some areas, it will be well worth your money. The entertainment factor trumps the downfalls. My only advice to you all would be to put on your detective hat early and pay attention or you’re going to have a hard time following from start to finish.


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