The Grey

I had very low hopes prior to watching The Grey. I honestly couldn’t buy into the story of a group of guys being hunted by wolves. Although my initial reaction was right in some cases, I was pleasantly surprised by other portions of the film.

Jekyll & Hyde

This is the best way to explain this film. I can’t recall a movie that I had watched where I loved some parts of it, and absolutely hated others. For this reason, I found myself constantly flip-flopping on my overall impression of the film.

The major issue here is that, much like many other films today, there was too many shortcuts taken. Too many gaps in logic. It baffles me that this happens so frequently. I find it almost insulting that the writers of these films just assume that people will go along with the story and not question it.

The Grey is no different in this sense. I can’t say that I’ve done extensive research on wolves, nor do I claim to be any kind of expert, but the whole story based around wolves “hunting” the group of survivors seems ridiculous. I can’t find a scenario where this would be plausible.

There is also a time where Ottway (Liam Neeson) falls into a creek, stays there for a few minutes, and then gets out and continues on. This is absurd. There is no way someone can go through that and not die of hypothermia.

Neeson Still Kicks Ass

As I mentioned, there was some good that came with the bad. Neeson does what he always does, kicks ass. He plays the typical badass that we all have come to expect from his roles. This certainly makes the film interesting, if nothing else.

Another positive note falls within the characters. Although the character development leaves something to be desired, the story within the film is captivating enough. I found myself on the edge of my seat at some points, wondering what would happen to them next. I was even pushing for their survival, and hoping that they would somehow make it through.

The Bottom Line

The Grey is one of the most unique films I have reviewed on this site. There was such a crazy blend of good and bad moments I find it truly difficult to give a good suggestion here. I’m going to say that you should avoid it. Although there are some strong points, there is far too many gaps in logic to make this worth your time and money. As a final note of warning, in the event you go against my advice, be prepared for the ending. I was shocked and completely let down by this. So, in a word, beware.


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