The Newsroom – S2, Ep. 1 – “First Thing We Do…”

Ah, The Newsroom. This show became an instant favorite for me after it premiered last year. Needless to say I have been pretty antsy about S2 finally coming back, and thankfully it is finally here. This is one of those rare shows for me where it is difficult to remember an episode that I didn’t like. The same trend picks up right where S1 left off.

“First Thing We Do” begins with our beloved ACN crew in some hot water over a botched reporting job. This appears as though it will be the central plot point across the season. At the moment, I’m torn about this. On one hand, I have no doubt that it will be compelling, entertaining stuff, but on the other hand, it’s not real. One of the biggest strengths of S1 was the use of real-life events. Even though we all knew the outcome of the events reported, it was still extraordinarily compelling to see it play out on screen. Many of the subplots revealed in this episode are rooted in reality, which I’m happy about, but to have the central story based on some¬†fictitious event worries me a bit. Ultimately, the jury is still out on this, and we’ll have to see how it goes as the season progresses.

Even though this has me a bit worried, there is still plenty of the old-fashioned Newsroom to go ’round. The dialogue, in particular, is just as amazingly witty as you would expect it to be. There are countless lines that had me LOLing as I watched. I only wish I was smart enough to converse this way in real life. A guy can dream, right?

I also can’t write an honest review without mentioning the crazy love story lines that have already begun to cross. It’s clear that the Jim-Maggie-Don-Sloan love square (?) will see plenty of time this season. Without ruining for anyone who may have not seen it yet, one of these three potential couples have effectively imploded. I’m not crazy about how it happened, as it seems just a little too far-fetched, but what can you do. I would probably be complaining if it were dragged out too long, anyway. I just hope that we don’t go in circles with some of these¬†story lines. I’m looking for some resolution on this front. Speak your feelings, people!

Ultimately, I still completely in love with The Newsroom. Although I may not be crazy about some of the storylines at this point, there is still plenty of time for me to change my mind. Honestly, I could watch nothing but those oh-so-witty conversations between the characters for an hour and be completely happy. For now, though, I’m ready for Ep. 2.

Score: 8.5/10


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