The Newsroom – S2, Ep. 3 – “Willie Pete”

Tonight, we learned that Will stalks people on Facebook, just like the rest of us. Unfortunately, this was one of the more meaningful things that we would learn for this episode. In typical¬†Newsroom fashion, it seemed like a million things were going on. But, tonight, it really didn’t mount to much in the end. Of course you can still count on this episode, like every other episode, to deliver with the witty dialogue, but to me, it didn’t feel like anything more.

Although I was overly unimpressed, I can’t understate that the dialogue was on point tonight. I was LOL-ing more than I usually do when watching this show, so there’s that. But, that was also part of tonight’s episode’s problem. I wouldn’t ever ask for less of the banter between characters, but I personally want some substance in there, as well. Little was done to further the overall plot, and I don’t feel like there was even a whole lot of attention that was paid to some of the sub plots. But hey, a few exchanges between Will & Charlie, MacKenzie & Neal, and Don & Sloan more than help to make up for some of the lack of meaningful content.

I also have to take a minute to speak my displeasure with Jim so far. I’m way tired of his story this season. Maybe I’m not seeing the signs for something bigger and better to come for him, but he bores me at this point. It’s a shame because he was one of my favorite characters from the first season. I feel as though he is kind of wasting away this season. I certainly understand that there is a whole lot going on in these episodes, and maybe it’s tough to make it all fit together perfectly, but c’mon man, he deserves better. We deserve better.

Ultimately, tonight’s episode was more on the forgettable side than the first two. It wasn’t, by any means, a horrible episode, but it was far from their best. I couldn’t help but feel that this episode’s sole purpose was to create a segue into bigger things in future episodes. That’s ok, as it is necessary from time to time. To be honest, an off episode of¬†The Newsroom is still better than 95% of what’s on TV today, anyway.

Score: 7.5/10


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