The Vow

Taking a 55 day sabbatical from writing reviews can certainly have some adverse effects on a guy. It’s difficult to get back into something that you’ve neglected for a while. My triumphant return is to review a sappy, unmanly film: The Vow.

We’ve Seen This Before, Right?

Before I get started, I will say in my defense that I went and watched The Vow as part of a gift for my Valentine. It was tough to bite the bullet and go, but it was simply the right thing to do.

Now, let us actually get into what you’re all here for.

The review.

I’ll admit that my expectations for this film were pretty low walking into it. I feel as though all of these love stories follow the same boring line throughout. As it turns out, The Vow wasn’t really any different than I expected.

Wasted Potential

Although I had low expectations, I was still a bit surprised to see the lack of true feeling in this film. The trailers made it appear as though it was going to be this heartfelt struggle for Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) to piece their broken lives back together. So, naturally, this is what I expected to see.

What we actually find in The Vow is a bunch of awkward, half-assed comedy. There is little to no real connection between Tatum and McAdams. Each character was too busy trying to play their own defined role that it simply didn’t play out on the screen. If there had been more concentration on the struggle that Paige and Leo faced, instead of the shoddy laughs, The Vow could of at least had some heart.

The Bottom Line

From the beginning, it is painfully clear that The Vow is nothing more than a date movie. There is a lot of wasted potential in this film. The writers tried to take a different approach to the typical love story, and it failed. Do not go out and waste your money on this one. If you and your significant other are in the mood for a lovey-dovey date movie, stay home and find something On Demand. It’ll be a lot cheaper, and more than likely a lot less painful to watch.


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