The Wolverine

Have you ever wished you could just mix Wolverine and parkour together for a couple of hours? Well, my friend, if you answered yes to this question, do I have a movie for you. Surprisingly, the combination of these two things does not guarantee a decent product. Who would have thought, right? There is lots of Logan acting like he is not in an action movie, and even more random ninja moves that are unnecessary and come off more lame than cool. Unfortunately, for everything thing that The Wolverine does right, there are five times as many things that are done wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t expecting the best movie I had ever seen.

I was, however, hoping for something that would at least be enjoyable to watch. There were bits and pieces here and there that almost made it worth the price of admission, but for the most part, I was flat out bored. It’s almost like everyone in the film forgot that it was supposed to be an action flick. I was amazed at how little action there really was throughout. We spend far too much time going from place to place and being force fed the plot little by little. There was so much conversation between the characters that basically just lead to nowhere. This was really confusing to me. Why try to make this movie something that it clearly is not?

Although there was a serious lack of action, the little bit that we do get was pretty decent. It goes without saying that I would have liked to see more of this, but I can appreciate what we were given. It’s always a fun time to see Jackman kick some ass. These action sequences are all about him, so we definitely get to see him lay down the law. I also felt that Jackman was one of the brighter spots in The Wolverine as far as acting goes. The script is riddled with cheesy one-liners, but it’s fitting to the character. He is definitely one of those actors where he is the character. I can’t possibly imagine another person on Earth as Wolverine. Jackman and Wolverine are synonymous with one another.

Even though I expect that The Wolverine will do quite well at the box office this weekend, I’m going to go ahead and suggest that you skip this one. It’s boring and slow for the most part, and it seriously lacks action. But, if you’re feeling daring and decide to check it out anyway, be sure to stick around for the credits. There is a pretty cool scene that presumably is the lead-in to X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Score: 6/10


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